Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Winter Car Seat Coat Rules

Since it has started cooling down for fall and approaching winter, I figured I would go ahead and share the following: wearing winter coats in a car seat is a huge no no.  The thickest item a child should ever have on is the equivalent of a thin fleece jacket.  When in doubt on whether an item is ok for a child to wear in a car seat, put the jacket (or whatever it is) on the child and put them in the car seat - adjust straps accordingly.  Then remove the child, take the jacket off and put the child back in the car seat.  If the straps fail the pinch test, that clothing item is too bulky and should not be worn by the child in the car seat.

Some tips to keep kids warm:

  • Put jackets on backwards after child is strapped in car seat.
  • Cover car seat with blanket.
  • Turn car on and get it warmed up prior to putting child in car seat.
If you're still thinking, it's ok - see these pictures and YouTube video below:


  1. This is really good advice especially for new parents who haven't heard about these precautions...especially as it's National Baby Safety Month! Thanks for the reminders!

  2. This is a timely post, and I think the pictures really help make the point. Awesome!

  3. Really good advice. I used to have my children wear their coats in a car seat, especially when its 20 degrees out, but I came to a conclusion that even if its freezing out your child could get hot, so they wore no coats (I would bring coats with me). But, it's crazy to see how unsafe it was to have your child in a coat in a car seat. Great post!

  4. Great advice! Sharing with my sisters who both have toddlers! Love the pics! xo xo