Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't wash your chicken!

So I recently came across this article by Newsworks: Drexel food safety experts on a mission to stop cooks from washing chicken.

Let me just start by saying: EWWWW!!!  For your added entertainment, I'm also linking this awesome graphic they have: Germ Vision.

I can honestly say this valuable cooking lesson has NEVER been communicated to me EVER.  I have always rinsed my chicken off after removing from the package to de-gunk it before cooking.

After reading this article (and especially viewing the graphic), I will forevermore be a person who does NOT rinse their chicken prior to cooking.  Straight in the pan with you pollo!!

Did this gross anyone else out?!

PS - As a side note, I basically wiped by entire sink and counter region (plus cabinets and floor) with high grade cleaner.  Chicken and it's associated nastiness freaks me out, lol.


  1. Raw chicken freaks me out, but I don't wash it. I just wash everything else instead!

  2. wow I never heard this before seeing your post on Breezy Birdie. Thanks